Hire Lights To Enhance Your Venue

I understand there are a million things on your to do list and thinking about mood lighting for your event is pretty low down your priorities.

Believe me, a well lit space and by this, I mean a space that utilises a carefully thought out lighting design is key to successfully creating mood and ambience for your wedding or special event.

From fairy lights to festoons, decorative lights are brilliant for filling empty ceiling space, creating back-drops and enhancing your venue. Everyone knows the power of a fairy light, their tiny lights create a magical glow and give us all a fuzzy feeling inside.

You may be put off adding mood lighting by the cost. Don’t be, this is where hiring comes into it’s own. From DIY to full installations we’ve something for you.

We’ve been involved in decorative lighting for almost 20 years so usually know the answer to most questions and if we don’t, then we’ve a network of people, who will. We’ve developed our range over the years and recently introduced a full installation service for large events, weddings and parties all over the UK and Ireland.

Whether you’re using a hotel, barn, marquee, village hall or rural location, we can help you create a look that will transform your venue and tie in with your chosen theme. .

One of our most popular options is to get your lights delivered a few days before needed and then bribing family and friends to help you put up the lights. When you’re finished, package them up and send them back. Simple and wonderfully cost effective.

We’ve seen the use of festoon lights increase ten fold recently, not only do they throw the right amount of ambient light, the fittings are vintage looking. They’re lightweight and really easy to install. We now also sell these Festoon Lights with a lead that can be attached to large batteries for rural locations with no power.

We’ve worked with countless couples and venues over the years and love seeing even the humblest of venues transformed into a magical setting.

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