Style Your Wedding With Festoon Lights

Festoon lights and weddings are a match made in heaven. Light canopies can be swagged and draped across most ceilings and walls or look fabulous over the dance floor as your guests boogie the night away. These big bulb lights are super easy to hang and you can run up to 100m from one plug. We absolutely love them and here are four good reasons why.

  1. Atmosphere– Festoon lights add instant atmosphere to your wedding. The beauty is in their simplicity, there’s something quite classic about golf ball size light bulbs on a long string. Festoon lights create just the right amount of light, you can use them to define separate areas in your venue.
  2. Don’t have power! No problem – If you’re one of the growing couples who’ve chosen a rural beauty spot, beach or forest wedding with no power, we’ve got it covered. Try our Festoon lights that come with crocodile leads to attach to a car battery to give you hours of gorgeous lighting as the sun goes down. Power up to 50m of lights from one car battery.
  3. What an entrance! – Over the years we’ve seen enough magical lights to know that having a fabulous illuminated walkway entrance makes a big difference. Create walkways from car parks or gardens to guide your guests with simple shepherds crooks and swag the Festoon Lights through the hooks.
  4. Easy to install –Our festoon lights are incredibly easy to install and gives you the flexibility to put them anywhere in the venue. Each light has an inbuilt hook which can be hooked over anything and they’re so lightweight. Each set has a 7m length of cord from the plug to the first bulb and you can team these lights with our Festoon extension cables.

Hire or buy these beautiful globe festoon lights to add a little retro chic to your big day.